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Terapia Multidimensional
A powerful energy therapy that is made through the beings of light from the higher dimensions through the therapist. Multidimensional therapy solves numerous physical problems, spiritual or emotional customer.
Mesa Radiónica
The Radiónica Table is a very powerful instrument of quantum healing that allows us to find clearer solutions to the decisions and issues of the various areas of life.
Meditação Guiada
The guided meditations we connect to our Higher self. We helped establish the routine of meditation that is easily integrated into any time regardless of the time that each people has. We address several tools that are used during the meditation session.
Consultas de transformação e harmonização
The transformation consultations and harmonization help get connect to the light and energy of your love. Unlocking malaise, depressions, miscellaneous problems. During my connection to my spiritual team, stay connected to your energy, Thus unlock you in various subjects.
Reiki Tradicional
It's a therapy that balances and restores the power of our bodies, and keep your health. Cure locks, problems and restores balance to the physical level, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Leitura de Aura
The Aura reading, Aligns the chakras, connects us to the divine, Opens the conscious, and helps meet past lives that are important at the present time and that are blocking some situations of this.


Oráculo e Tarot dos Anjos
The Oracle and the Tarot of the angels are powerful tools ancestors that illuminate the life and bring very specific responses to the various areas of current or past life. You can still work predictions, to know what the future holds. Account for all our doubts and helping to advance in a favorable situation or to be cautious when some undesired possibility. With the Oracle and the Tarot of the angels will be able to move on, unlock paths and achieve success in life.
Leitura de Pêndulo
The pendulum is one of the most effective forms of direct and get answers to your questions. Can place since relationships, work, health, personal, body balance, find people or objects, and more.
Alinhamento dos Chakras
This therapy cleanses and balances the 7 Main chakras through the pendulum and the crystals. After this therapy is taught to the client the best ways to keep the Chakras in balance.
Reiki para Animais
Reiki for Animals helps to treat any disease that our pet can have, has been brought by people living in the House or for those who visit the House, but it could also have been generated by another event. Whatever the breed, age, sex or animal's current situation, You can do Reiki. Can be done face-to-face or distance sessions, Depending on what else you prefer, because any one of these methods works similarly. Animals absorb very well the Reiki distance or face-to-face because both are very sensitive when it comes to energy